Our Belief

“bussola will always be with travelers to explore every step of life at a comfortable pace.”

Founded in 1978 and sold in over 30 countries worldwide, bussola is a global brand in comfortably stylish footwear.

bussola means “compass” in Italian. In early times, the compass was one of the must-have items for travels to find directions during their journey. Having a pair of durable shoes for travelers at the time was as important as having a compass and map. So, bussola was established.

In 1978, bussola was founded in a traditional shoe-making town in Southern Italy. We were known for traditional handmade shoe-making techniques making comfortable and durable shoes for travelers to wear for long periods of time. 

After the team took over bussola in 2006, in response to market demand for comfort and design, Jose Marzo, the design director, invited designers from all over the world to inject new vigor into bussola. Combining new technology materials like antibacterial and lightweight, and traditional Italian handmade shoe-making techniques, in order to produce classic, unique, comfortable and durable footwear.

Making fashionable and comfortable shoes is always our priority. We name every pair of shoes after various cities around the world, symbolizing the footprints of our journey. We hope to let shoes not only be a pair of shoes but also a good partner to accompany you through different stages of life.