bussola always provides our customers with fashionable and comfortable shoes with traditional shoe-making techniques and high-quality materials.

Italian Traditional Shoemaking Technique Lays the Necessary Groundwork of bussola

Focusing on the traditional shoe-making techniques, we believe that these techniques are irreplaceable in maintaining the structure of high-quality shoes. Though many new manufacturing techniques have become, we still remain loyal to the tried and tested techniques by shoemakers through the centuries.

Innovative Technology Makes bussola Different

Our R&D team is dedicated to applying innovative technology to improve traditional shoe-making techniques and make our shoes better. We use new technology to improve the structure of the shoes and make shoes that are comfortable, durable, lightweight, and wear-resistant.

We use the latest technology to coat the antibacterial effect in the leather with special treatment. It can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria eliminate that cause a bad odor. The technologies of FlexMax™ and LightMax™ make the rubber 60% lighter than regular rubber, providing flexibility and lightness in every shoe.

Stylish Design Makes bussola Special

Leading by Spanish design director, Jose Marzo, our design team has brought a distinctive character to bussola. While keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends, we still retain our own characteristics.

With years of travel experience, we insist on fashionable and comfortable design. We give each pair of shoes a unique style, and continuously improve the comfort and durability of the shoes.

Let shoes are not only works of art, but also necessities of life.

We constantly improve the comfort and the practicality of the shoes, insisting on the finest materials so that every pair of shoes from bussola is perfect.