September 24, 2019

Libra x Bussola

Libra x Bussola 

♎️Libra (9/23-10/23)
Lucky color :Red color❤️
Love Days: 10, 15
Money Days:22, 1
Luck Days: 21, 28
Off Days: 27, 18

Ease into the new season as gently as you need, Libra. While others are caught up in the excitement of “back-to-school,” you may be more tired or sensitive for the first three weeks of the month. The Sun is in Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and healing until September 23, which could make you feel foggy at moments. You’ll also soak up other people’s emotions and moods like a sponge. Protect yourself by limiting contact with draining people who demand constant attention.

Lucky color :Red color
Libras can try to wear red shoes that represent soft, friendly, emotional touch. Get more attention for yourself and add points to the whole.




This classic ankle boot has the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Lightweight boot is the perfect staple for any wardrobe.



Chukka boots made of premium hair sheep leather & hair sheep suede, simple and match for every outfits. Elastic lace for put on and take off quickly.







Combined with dazzling gems on the breathable upper, the result makes surprising sense. Sitting on a high-tech outsole which provides good responsive cushioning in the heel and protects your every step.




Discover our new arrival.

September 16, 2019

The Autumn Winter Women’s Collection | Bussola

Welcome to Bussola. Our design team comes from Spain. With years of experience and the passion typical of our homeland, our designers bring a distinctive character to bussola. While keeping an eye on fashion and the latest trends, we retain our own personality and flair. Styling every day, whether work or play.

After the autumn, it is officially entering the autumn and winter. As the saying goes 'women always lack a better shoes'. First there was Cinderella, then there was Carrie Bradshaw, oh and nearly every single female out there. Regardless of any single item, we’re embracing the exciting trends of Autumn/Winter 2019.

We’re inviting you into our style narration of how we’re wearing this season. We will be showing boots of all shades and materials, with all heights and detailing. Bussola will be your style guide of this season, looking smart and casual.

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