To provide you with the best shoes to accompany you in your daily life, we only choose the best materials with a special emphasis on durability and quality.


< Cow Leather >

Natural cow leather is soft, stretchy and breathable which is a fantastic choice for quality shoes. Every pair of shoes from bussola is crafted from authentic leather. Without deliberately frosting or using heavy coating, we retain the texture of natural cow leather. Any apparent imperfections are proof of the natural origin of cow leather. Let leather have its unique natural beauty.


< Moisture-Wicking Fabric >

Wearing bussola’s shoes is just like having countless “sweat-wicking” grooves on your feet to keep your feet dry. Moisture can be quickly absorbed and diffused to the surface of the fiber along the grooves by atmospheric pressure, and evaporate to achieve the effect of moisture absorption and perspiration. It can keep your feet drier, healthier, and more comfortable.

< Pigskin with Antibacterial Treatment >

The biggest effect of pigskin with antibacterial treatment is that it helps against foot odors. It provides a hygienic and bacteria resistant lining, preventing odors and promoting good foot health. Our experiments have shown that it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause a bad odor. You do not need to worry about odors even if you wear the shoes all day long.


< 2XTRAFIT Insole >

The 2XTRAFIT insole design allows you to remove the insole if your feet are swollen after standing or walking for a long time. After removing the insole, there is still a 2mm latex midsole. The 2mm latex midsole can also make you feel as comfortable as wearing an insole.

< Dual-Density Insole >

Dual-density insole not only improves the comfort of your everyday shoes but also provides cushion to each part of your feet. With an ample amount of cushion, a dual-density insole can reduce the fatigue of your feet. Your feet will not feel tired even if you wear shoes all day long.


< EVA Sole >

EVA sole can be lighter and more flexible. Reduce weight and maximize shock absorption. EVA sole is made to make optimal, lightweight, and comfortable shoes. It helps you relieve the stress on your joints as you walk.

< Anti-Slip Sole >

To ensure customer safety, we use special anti-slip outsoles which allows safe walking on wet and slippery surfaces. bussola’s anti-slip outsole is made of a special rubber compound that can improve grip and traction while increasing the durability.

< Air Motion >

The soles of the feet are most prone to perspiration so we designed the outsole with breathable holes and a waterproof membrane, which is called "Air Motion". Our Air Motion technology allows the air to circulate around your feet and keeps your feet well-ventilated, delivering revolutionary comfort for your all day, every day. With separation by molecular size, the pores of the waterproof membrane are smaller than water molecules and larger than air molecules, which can effectively prevent water from flowing into the shoe while still being breathable.

We always use the finest materials to make every pair of shoes carefully for someone special.

We hope that our shoes can participate in every wonderful moment in your life.