Our Beliefs

“Hardcore but lightweight shoes made for someone special.”

Founded in 1978 and sold in over 30 countries worldwide, bussola is a balanced play of tradition and evolution. 

Traditional shoe making techniques allow us to make no comprises between quality, durability and design. With the addition of new materials and technologies, we are able to add the qualities of comfort and abrasion ability to strong, ready to wear boots and shoes.


Emphasis on traditional craft techniques and abrasion ability

We place emphasis in traditional shoe making techniques. We believe such techniques are irreplaceable in maintaining the structure and function of a high quality product. Though diverse modern manufacturing techniques have become available, we remain loyal to the tried and tested techniques relied on by shoemakers through the centuries.

Use unique technology to increase the comfort and mobility of our shoes.

Our research and development team focuses on applying new technology to improve upon traditional shoe making methods. The team implements new technology to improve the mechanical structure of bussola, improving foot shape and posture while ensuring each pair of bussola is comfortable and lightweight.  

Our own technologies are instrumental in setting bussola apart from others. The technology of FlexMax™ and LightMax™, which is 60% lighter than ordinary rubber, provides flexibility and lightness to each pair of shoes.   Antibacterial Shield™ provides the foot with a safe and hygienic environment. 

Using the finest materials to make shoes

Each pair of bussola is made of genuine leather that is unique with its differences in texture and personality.  We believe such leather can provide a luxurious finish and capture the spirit and personality of the experienced and well traveled men and women such as you.

In order to provide adequate support to the foot, PU foam material is used to form an ergonomically effective insole. Utilizing this sympathetic material, bussola is perfect for you to explore the world. 

Filled with personality

Our design team comes from Spain. With years of experience and the passion typical of our homeland, our designers bring a distinctive character to bussola. While keeping an eye on fashion and the latest trends, we retain our own personality and flair.