In order to provide you with fine and durable bussola to accompany you on their travels, we choose only the best natural materials with a special emphasis on durability and quality.

Leather Uppers

We use soft yet firm calf leather. Each piece of calf leather can only make 3 to 5 pairs of shoes. Natural leather is soft, flexible and breathable. Only natural materials can offer feet this kind of comfort and permeability.

The special quality of each piece of leather gives every pair of shoes an unique personality.


In order to provide the consumer with a hygienic and healthy product, each bussola is given an antibacterial mildew treatment.

Organic Cotton

Further promoting good foot health, organic cotton provides a gentle and warm touch, is sweat absorbent and fast drying. 

Rubber Sole

Natural rubber provides a good non-slip tread while its anti abrasive qualities extend the life of the shoe.