Craft Techniques

Every bussola is designed with time honored craft techniques and the finest materials to preserve quality, comfort and texture.


Goodyear Welted

Goodyear Welted is a traditional English method used in the production of quality handmade shoes. The midsole, outsole and uppers are stitched tightly together to create a shoe renowned for its strength, durability and comfort.

After a period of continuous wearing, the sole will form to fit your foot, providing a perfect fit.  In comparison with other construction methods, the Goodyear Welted production process requires more steps and materials, resulting in a stronger and more robust shoe. 

Wherever possible, we replace traditional hard and heavy materials with modern soft and lightweight alternatives. In this way we are able to marry traditional strength and style with comfort and ease of use.

San Crispino / Stitch Down 

San Crispino / Stitch Down is a traditional European shoe making technique, commonly used in the production of outdoor walking shoes and boots. Using a technique whereby the uppers are sewn together with the soles, this method produces lightweight and flexible shoes with exceptionally sturdy soles. 


In 1837, it was discovered that by adding sulphur to rubber, it could withstand low winter temperatures while keeping its form, elasticity and tread. We have built on and improved upon Goodyear’s work, using vulcanized rubber outsoles alongside premium leather uppers and adding a portable PU foam insole for a comfortable and ergonomic fit.