Shoe Care Kit Now Available! Save $20!

Complete Care Kit for Your Leather Shoes. Limited Edition!

Buy Bussola Shoes with the Shoe Care Kit, Save $20 Now!

With nice care, your shoes will be in a good condition and stay with you exploring this world. We have a complete set for you to easily take care of your leather shoes.


A02 Oil/water proof for leather, suede and textile.

Eco-spray for protecting leather, Nubuck, Suede and textile from water and oil.  


C05 Luxury shoe cream.

It nourishes, refreshes and protects smooth leather giving a rich gloss and nice touch. 


C06 Rich Cream for outdoor shoes.

Nourish and refreshes smooth leather of casual and outdoor shoes giving a medium gloss. 


BRUSH Wooden handle shoe brush with soft bristles.

It removes dust/dirt gently. 



For Nubuck and Suede leather. 

Briskly rub the surface to be cleaned with the smooth side on the block. For greasy and stubborn stains, rub briskly using the rough surface. 



Use this cloth after polishing leather, for that extra-bright, high-gloss shine. Premium quality soft cloth for perfect shine.


Taking care of leather shoes is quite simple. Check it out with your Bussola shoes now!