Koln is where comfort meets style, with shoes that can be dressed up or down to add sophistication to your weekend or at work.

Koln Slip-On Shoes (Metal Wood)                         Koln Slip-On Shoes (Nero)

These shoes are crafted from premium materials, especially a naturally soft leather with elastic bands and elastic laces on the surface.

Koln Slip-On Shoes (Nero)

Koln made from "Strobel" construction and almost no break-in period or short and as painless as possible.

"Strobel" construction is a clever method where the top part of the shoe is attached to a thin, pliable textile, allowing for added flexibility and dreamlike comfort, easy to wear and walk.

Made for working woman and who are on their feet all day, for people who walk to work, and for the fast-paced urban lifestyle.
Koln Lace-Up Shoes (Satin)                         Koln Lace-Up Shoes (Satin)

Maybe long were the days when you used to crunch your feet into heels and sacrifice comfort to look fierce in pumps. Now you can try to give your look a touch of elegance and feel comfort with Koln shoes instead of heels.


Upon a closer look at the shoes, the first thing you’ll notice is the elastic band design on the surface and enhance fitting the curve of the instep.

Underneath the surface is where the real value lies: Removable Keep Dry antibacterial microfiber insole and a lightweight phylon cushioned sole.

Also, rubber outsole can more effectively grip a slick floor.
Koln Lace-Up Shoes (Black)

If you like such as soft interior lining, sturdy soles, durable materials, and generous fits, wear Koln to create different styles of your own.

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