Every season, there is always a winning shoe style worth splurging on. The one will definitely catch the eye of any passerby on streets.

This season, chunky track sole style is the undeniable standout. It can be the must-have item of footwear to wear anywhere anytime.

To help you keep up to date with new fashion trends, bussola presents our latest fall and winter collection of soles, Corvara, this year.

Featuring a track sole, the Corvara is the perfect blend of classic and trendy. With it, you’ll be walking in style whatever the occasion.

Some people might think that a too-thick track sole does not work for women. Don’t worry! The track sole of Corvara can toughen up your outfit to perfection.

It looks chic and sophisticated to bring a lot to the style and silhouette of women. Also, it pairs well with everything from miniskirts and dresses to shorts and jeans.

The most appreciated feature of Corvara is not only stylish but practical. Unique to bussola, the outsole of Corvara features Air Motion System to let the shoes breathe.

The soles of the feet are most prone to perspiration so we designed the outsole with breathable holes and a waterproof membrane. Unique to bussola, our Air Motion technology can create constant airflow and keep your feet well-ventilated, delivering a revolutionary comfort for your all day, every day.

Featuring a honeycomb insole, it can remove moisture and heat to achieve excellent air permeability and keep your feet breathable for the entire day. It perfectly matches with the holes of the Air Motion outsole, making the effect of this innovative technology maximize to avoid sweaty, smelly feet.

Go comfortable, but without losing that touch of sophistication of your looks. Let’s make Corvara be the centerpiece of your winter wardrobe. 

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