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Our design team comes from Spain. With years of experience and the passion typical of our homeland, our designers bring a distinctive character to bussola. While keeping an eye on fashion and the latest trends, we retain our own personality and flair.

After summer, comes autumn.
According to the research, some people feel more anxious and loss of interest in everyday activities when the autumn arrives.
It is caused by shorter days, longer nights, colder temperatures, and “pinning that summer is gone”.
Are you affected by depression in the autumn? Don’t worry.
This time, let bussola make your autumn perfect.

With our new collection of 2021, bussola invites you to go on a road trip.
Start with a road trip to get rid of the anxiety of autumn.

As a grown-up, you have to go to work and have a lot of responsibilities so that you never have time to relax your mind. Taking a long-distance journey helps you explore the unknown world.
There is no timetable and no schedule. You can do whatever you want and calm your stressed-out body and mind.

Among the new products of this season, bussola still focuses on the shoes that are beautiful and comfortable.

bussola’s shoes not only provide excellent comfort to your feet but also pair perfectly with any style you want.

Whether you go to the mountains or the beach, all of our shoes can perfect fit for your travel.

“When you go on a road trip, the trip itself becomes part of story.”
Bussola will always be you style guide, accompanying you through this autumn.

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