What do you know about Formentera?

It is one of the most beautiful islands in Spain. This is also the inspiration for the classic Formentera sandals.

(photo by:Janine M.
The coast of Formentera is very beautiful. This island is one of the best places in the world to relax and forget about everything. The fascinating coastline stretches uninterruptedly, the sparkling white sand beaches and the clear water make you full of awe, which will take you into a pure paradise, which makes Formentera an island of dreams.

Formentera sandals have become bussola's dream sandals. Represents the ultimate pursuit of travel. Explore, experience, discover, feel, heal, tranquility and comfort.
Please feel the Formentera sandals in an exploratory way, simulating the height and thickness of the rocks on the beaches of Formentera. This is the biggest feature of Formentera sandals.
Use staggered straps to design the change of light and shadow, just like the feeling of a coconut leaf shaking. The smooth curve of the sole symbolizes the wave, moving slowly through the steps.

All the leather that touches the skin is sewn with breathable leather. The effect of moisture wicking is like the dryness and softness felt when walking on a sand. There is slight bulge at the forefoot place on sandals, which will hold your feet very well . It can help you walk stably and keep your feet dry, also not prone to odor.


Sandals combine modern technology to add double-density foamed composite materials inside the cork, making the shoes lighter and more comfortable. Even if you are not on an island holiday, you can pair them with daily outfits and enjoy the comfort it gives you.

Have a pair of fantastic Formentera sandals! I believe you will fall in love with them.

Let it accompany you through the beautiful summer and leave your footprints.

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