Happy Halloween! It is just around the corner.
Are you ready to go to a party? Have you decided on the outfit for the party?
When it comes to Halloween, it is the best season for dressing up.

Halloween makes everyone have the possibility to be anyone.
You can become a witch by wearing a witch hat characterized by a conical crown and a wide brim.
You can become a vampire by wearing a dark cape and putting on spooky makeup with some fangs.
You can also become a classic movie icon or a famous super star by wearing an outfit that resembles them and enjoy standing on the stage in front of a roaring crowd.

With these Halloween costumes, you can show off your festive flair and explore your creativity to make everyone shriek with delight!
Can’t decide which shoes to wear for Halloween?
bussola has selected several pairs of shoes which can perfectly fit your Halloween costumes.
Here are 4 kinds of bussola shoes that can add shimmer to your Halloween outfit.

1. Cannes Crocodile-Effect Flats
It is very suitable to dress like an animal for Halloween. If you do not want to spend much time and money on your Halloween outfit, you can just put on these Cannes Crocodile-Effect Flats. If you want to feel the atmosphere of Halloween, you do not need to dress up too much, you can do it with these shoes.

2. Novara Sneakers
It is symbolized in a way similar to wear Cannes Crocodile-Effect Flats. These two pairs of Novara Sneakers are leopard print. Besides, these shoes have short plush on them which release your wild beauty. You can transform into a leopard running freely in the jungle.

3. Trapani Rear Lace-up Boots
Halloween is the perfect time for Goth style. If you want to be a sexy vampire, a black or dark-colored corset works the best. And these boots can match the corset perfectly because corset-inspired lacing crisscrosses its way up the back of them. This sexy outfit will definitely make you the focus of the party!

4. Reikiavik V-Neck High Heels Ankle Boots (Nero)
There are countless Halloween costumes to choose from, but there are a few classics such as a witch that you just can't go wrong with wearing. You can consider a black long skirt with lace paired with v-neck high heels ankle boots to cast a spell and look mysterious and charming. These ankle boots are the ideal partner for your Halloween costumes.

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