When it comes to hiking, the right pair of hiking sneakers can become the most beloved and essential piece of gear in your kit.
A pair of great hiking sneakers should be comfortable, be breathable, be durable, and allow you to enjoy your time on the trail.

Are you looking for a hiking shoe that has an excellent balance of practicality and attractive appearance?
Whether you are heading out for a few days on the trail or enjoying a day hike, bussola’s Vibram Outdoor Sneakers have got you covered.

Vibram Outdoor Sneakers offer more of a traditional hiking sneakers design.

The appearance of the shoes is similar to the canvas shoes that we wear every day.
You can get rid of old chunky hiking shoes and pair with everything perfectly.

Not only a stylish design but also a variety of functions suitable for hiking.

They are made from water-resistance canvas which can make cleaning easier and used safety zippers which can prevent the zippers from slipping off when walking.

To ensure the wearers’ comfort, the interior of the sneakers is fitted with triple-density shock-absorbing insole that improves comfort by reducing stress on your foot with each step. And the lining is used pigskin with antibacterial treatment and moisture-wicking fabric, eliminating bacteria that cause a bad odor and keeping the feet dry.

Traction is one of the most important aspects of hiking footwear. bussola collaborated with Vibram, the most common manufacturer of outsoles, to make a firm and grippy outsole. The outsole is famous for its abrasion resistance and slip resistance which is great for rugged terrain. You can move quickly and confidently across variable terrain with obstacles like rocks and roots and go further on your adventure without worrying about twisting your ankle.

If you can only invest one thing in hiking, Vibram Outdoor Sneakers will help you get the most bang for your buck.
Let’s go hiking with Vibram Outdoor Sneakers!

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